How ALE Supports Policyholders

In the event of the unexpected, such as a natural disaster or any unforeseen situation, ALE Pro intervenes to secure high-quality housing tailored to the specific needs of each family. Our committed Relocation Specialists go above and beyond to accommodate pets, disabilities, and any special requirements, ensuring the comfort of every family member. ALE Pro also takes responsibility for ordering and organizing the delivery of furniture, household items, and appliances to the temporary residence, enabling policyholders to focus on other important matters.

What Types of Housing Options Are Available?

At ALE Pro, we are committed to providing the ideal housing solution tailored to your needs. We specialize in sourcing various short-term accommodations, including single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, mobile homes, fully furnished corporate suites, and hotel rooms. Each option can be expertly equipped to align with your preferences. It’s important to note that ALE Pro does not own the properties we offer. Our primary focus is securing your most suitable property, often in a similar and conveniently located setting to your affected residence.

How Does the ALE Pro Housing Process Function?

Our team springs into action upon receiving a housing referral from your insurance adjuster. We promptly reach out to you and commence a thorough process to secure the ideal housing solution. This entails swiftly identifying suitable accommodations, expertly negotiating leases, coordinating property viewings, handling all paperwork, including the seamless setup of furniture and household items, and addressing any requirements during your temporary stay. In situations where it’s necessary, ALE Pro can also arrange a short-term hotel stay while you explore the available housing options.

How Are Pets Handled?

At ALE Pro, we prioritize pet-friendly accommodations. In most cases, you can bring your beloved pets with you. However, it’s important to note that there may be a non-refundable pet fee or deposit and specific breed restrictions, which can differ by property. We endeavour to accommodate your pets while prioritizing their safety and comfort.


Can You Accommodate Special Needs?

We provide customized solutions for your specific needs. When we initially engage with you, ALE Pro takes the initiative to inquire about any particular needs or requirements your family may have. Many hotels in our network offer handicap-accessible rooms conveniently situated on the first floor, guaranteeing your stay is as accommodating and comfortable as possible.

How Soon Can ALE Pro Find Housing?

Our approach is focused on efficiency. Within just one day, our goal is to identify suitable properties and have them prepared for your viewing at your convenience. Once you and your adjuster approve, we will promptly set a move-in date. Furnished corporate suites are often available for immediate occupancy, offering a swift solution. For properties that require furnishings, please allow several days for preparation. In the case of trailers, the process typically takes 7 to 14 days, involving delivery, setup, and furnishing. As we work on securing suitable long-term housing, we can also facilitate the direct billing of hotel charges, including room and taxes, to streamline your experience.

Who Will Handle Utility Connections?

Typically, the responsibility for activating utilities rests with you. However, when your adjuster makes the request, we coordinate utility connections and transfers on your behalf, offering an additional layer of support.

What’s Included with Each Temporary Residence?

Every property is customized to meet the distinctive needs of each family we assist. Our furniture packages offer different quality levels, enabling us to align them with your family’s lifestyle seamlessly. We cater to your preferences if you have specific requests, such as setting up home offices or providing special-needs furnishings. Your comfort and satisfaction are our primary concerns.

How Are Damages Handled?

ALE Pro provides a personalized move-in checklist, allowing you to inspect and report damaged items meticulously. Upon check-out or move-out, it’s important to note that you assume responsibility for any damaged items, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout your stay.