At ALE Pro, we understand the deep bond between families and their pets, recognizing them as cherished household members. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure your furry companions are accommodated with care and compassion throughout your temporary housing journey following a disaster.

Pet-Friendly Policies at Accommodation Facilities

While most major hotel chains welcome up to two pets per room, any associated pet fees during your stay are contingent upon your specific policy, as determined by the property adjuster handling your claim. Suppose it’s not feasible for your pets to accompany you to a hotel or short-term rental during your temporary relocation. In that case, ALE Pro can arrange pet boarding, seamlessly incorporating it into your claim for a hotel stay.

Navigating Breed Restrictions

We understand that certain hotels and landlords may impose restrictions on specific dog breeds perceived as aggressive, though these limitations are often beyond the property owner’s control. ALE Pro negotiates lease terms for each temporary stay, addressing breed restrictions with sensitivity and professionalism. Commonly restricted breeds, such as German Shepherds, Pit Bull Terriers, and Rottweilers, are handled carefully, ensuring mutually acceptable terms for all parties involved.

Accommodating Large Animals

For homeowners whose lives or livelihoods depend on large animals, such as those on farms, ALE Pro ensures that temporary housing remains a viable solution. Many farm owners or residents with livestock prefer temporary mobile housing placed on their properties. We offer a diverse range of travel trailers and RV options nationwide, tailored to address any unique challenges of accommodating large animals.

Small Pets and Caged Animals

While landlords typically have the authority to determine their pet policies, a standard lease in most rental markets allows for a maximum of two pets per household, regardless of size. ALE Pro recognizes the importance of keeping families together, including their beloved pets. In cases where a displaced homeowner has more than two pets, our housing coordinators work diligently to secure approval from potential landlords before presenting the short-term rental as an option. Your family’s welfare, including the well-being of your cherished pets, is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring a seamless process for everyone involved.